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Hours of work to

create each video.


Hours of editing

per video



Welcome to Mobile Arcade!
Mobile Arcade is a community of gamers who record their gaming highlights and take part in each video. Our #1 goal is to create unique and original videos which we accomplish through our extensive editing process. Each video takes over 15 hours to edit with high-quality effects, ensuring we transform the clips into something original that you can’t find anywhere else.
We are very proud of our editing work since that is how Mobile Arcade stands our from other gaming channel.

An active community

Mobile Arcade is built around a community of gamers who submit their clips and take part in our videos.

High-quality editing

Our goal is not just to showcase the best clips, but to transform them into something original through our extensive 15-18 hour editing process.

Attention to detail

Over 30 hours of work goes into creating every single video, ensuring high-quality, creative and unique content that can’t be found anywhere else.